Friday Karate class – 2/1/08 – A few different sparring drills.

This class was a little different.  We spent the entire time doing sparring drills but only with a few techniques or concepts.

All of the class focused on three way to attack.  The first way was to throw a combination to make our opponent open up and create an opening, the second was to move or slap their hand out of the way to create an opening and the last was to use the angle to get around their defense and attack the side or back.

With the first drill, our partner would stand in a fighting stance, we would throw a jab to the face to get them to block and then follow it up with a reverse punch to the abdomen.  We could use many different moves to get the same effect.

In the next drill, we would slap their front hand out of the way to create the opening.  This allowed a follow up with a punch of some type or even a roundhouse kick if fast enough.  Slapping the hand to the inside or outside determined what attack could be used.

The final drill was using the angle to make an opening.  The idea is to move off center and attack the back with a roundhouse kick or the side of head with a punch or even the back of the head with a back fist.  This is much harder for me to execute especially when shifting.  The change from moving in and out to side to side is something that I need to work on.

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