Tuesday Karate class – 1/22/08 – All kata class and back in the groove.

Before we left for class, I wanted to do some kata at home. I started with one each of Heian Shodan, Heian Nidan, Heian Sandan, Heian Yondan, Heian Godan, Tekki Shodan and Jion. Next, I broke Heian Shodan into sections and did each group of moves with full power and speed. I put more power and speed into those moves that I have in a very long time. It felt good to get back into the groove after all this time. Next, I broke Jion into parts and did those sections with full power and speed.

I do not remember having a class like this one before and I hope that we have some more like it.
Sensei Noia had everyone start out doing Heian Shodan. The first one was at a slower speed and less power to help us get warmed up for what was going to come next. We did one or two more with more speed and power and one kata without using our hands. After that, Sensei had us do at least five more Heian Shodan’s but facing a different direction each time with no rest in between. Starting the kata facing a corner was a little different but I think I finished in the right spot. Before one of the kata, Sensei had us spin around in a circle 10 times and then do the kata right away. I didn’t notice any real balance problems but I didn’t spin around as fast as some of the kids.

Sensei Noia split the different ranks up into groups. He took my group with the the brown belts and high purple belts. We started with Heian Godan, then we did Tekki Shodan many times. We started doing the kata very slowly. Next we did the kata with only our hands. I’m guessing that we did Tekki Shodan at least eight to 10 times. At one point, Sensei has us get a partner. He had one of us do the kata and the other check to make sure that we were working hard. After each move, our partner would check to see if we were rooted in our stances and if our body was tensed properly such as keeping the draw hand tight. Holding a horse stance is murder on my lower body but I made it through it.
Sensei Noia then worked with the brown belts. There was a first, second and third kyu, me. We all did Jion as Sensei watched. Next, he had us do Bassai Dai on his count. I have only done that kata a few times before, and the second kyu just recieved his rank so we were both following the first kyu as Sensei suggested. Sensei has us do about two thirds of the kata and then he had the first kyu finish it while giving him corrections.

Sensei told me to go off to the side and do Jion. For the first time in a long while, like earlier at home, I was able to really “bust one out”. What I mean is that I haven’t felt that I have put 100% power and effort into a kata in a very long time. I did Jion with so much power and focus that I could hardly stand when I finished. After Sensei saw me panting like a dog, he told me to do it again. I did and even though I know that it wasn’t the same as the one that I just did before it, I was all that I had to give.

Sensei watched me do Jion and told me to practice the moves right after the kiai. Starting with the front punch and going through those moves with full power and speed was exhausting. I did those moves at least a dozen times and a couple of times, I almost fell over.

Great class!

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