Tuesday Karate class – 1/15/08 – Sparring along with some torture.

It never seems to fail.  Whenever I work my legs really hard at the gym on a Monday, we have a very hard class on Tuesday.  Today was in the catagory of very hard.

We started out with a warm up from Sensei Plocharczyk.  The gym was on the cold side and he certainly gave us a good but hard warm up.  We started with a jog to each quarter line on the gym floor.  After that, we shuffled sideways across the gym and back and then again but in a horse stance.  Next we ran across the gym with our hands behind us, trying to kick our hands with our heels and then we came back with our hands in front, trying to hit them withour knees.  We also low walks both forward and backward across the gym.  Those were really hard since the leg presses that I did yesterday hit the same muscles.  Then came some stretching and about 20 pushups.

Sensei Noia had us start with some simple sparring drills.  We stood in front of our partner and each of us tried to slap each others leg.  The idea was to keep our head up and get in and out quickly.

Next,  we stood across from our partner and threw three attacks and then it was our partners turn.  We started with punches, both blocks and reverse punches.   After that, we did the same thing but moved into kicks.  My front snaps kicks felt okay but my roundhouse kicks felt really slow.  I mean really slow.

We finished up our sparring drills with some free sparring.  The free sparring felt pretty good but I need to work on retreating after my attacks.  I can get in and score but I don’t move out fast enough.

After that, Sensei Noia had us do low walks again.  I lost count of how many we did but if my legs had a mouth, they would be screaming.

It was a great class but very hard.

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