Saturday Karate class – 12/29/07 – Sparring work.

Today was the first class where Sensei Gatch, along with Sensei Plocharczyk, ran the classes since Sensei Noia had to take over classes in other park districts.

We started with our normal warm up and stretching. After the warm up, we put on our sparring gear.

We started working on shifting drills. We made two lines with a partner in front of us and then shifted in, attacked, shifted out and moved to the right and a new partner to attack. Sensei Plocharczyk said that I need to extend more when I reverse punch. For example, when I was punching with my right hand, I was not twisting my hips enough and not extending my right punch far enough. I might need to work on some twisting lunges in my home workout to help correct this problem.

We then worked on some partner drills where we moved back and fourth and then we worked on angles. Moving on angles was somewhat confusing to me and I need to spend more time practicing those movements. I kept tangling my feet up when moving sideways.

We finished up with some free sparring. I felt really loose for some reason and for the first time in a long while, I was able to move easily. Sensei Plocharczyk made a comment that I have improved since he saw me last and that I my moves were more fluid than before. He also said that I need to work on my combination moves. When I would block an attack, I was not countering fast enough or sometimes not at all when I could have.

Class was good.

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