Saturday Karate class – 12/15/07 – Sparring drills.

Now that almost all who were able to tested have done so, we are starting to work on our sparring drills again.

I need a lot of work on my sparring skills but oddly enough, it seems easier than before. I am not sure if the time away from sparring is what helped but I feel much lighter on my feet and I am able to shift much easier than before. I have also lost about 10 pounds so that might be helping too.

We started out working with a partner on basic jabs and reverse punch drills. Sensei Noia had us focus on distance or keeping the right distance between our partner and ourselves. I am trying to focus harder on keeping my upper upright when shifting back and forth and also when I am doing my reverse punches. In the past, I was leaning far forward and punching with my head looking down at the floor. I want to make sure that I fix all of the little problems that I have developed over the last few years.

We also worked on some kick drills where we would shuffle up and roundhouse kick our partner. I have a very hard time when I lead with my left foot. My left hip was very tight, maybe because the gym was very cold, but I was having a very hard time kicking and recovering from my left leg kicks.

We spent most of the class working on those basic movements but near the end, we had some time for free sparring. The free sparring felt much better and I was able to move in and out better than before. I am also focusing on the retraction of my punches because, in the past, I had a bad habit of leaving my jab extended and wasn’t pulling it back fast like I should be.

I have a good amount of things to work on but I do feel that I am getting better and identifying and understanding what I need to fix now.

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