Friday Karate class – 12/14/07 – Hard work on the last Friday class until 2008.

Today was the last Friday class until next year.

Sensei Noia had us work on kata and kihon for those that still need to test this weekend.

We started out with some kihon.  Moving forward with front punch is always a good warm up.  I lined up next to my friend Robert.  Whenever we are side by side, we push each other father then if we are next to someone else.  We have to try and do lower stances or move faster then each other and we really pull out all the stops.  We are pretty evenly matched when doing punch and blocking movements but he is much faster at kicks than I am.  We did many movements and spent a lot of time on kicks.  Side thrust kick, side snap kick, roundhouse, double front snap kick, double roundhouse kick and combinations of those kicks took a good amount of the class.  We also did shifting forward with jabs and reverse punches since those moves can show up on the exams.

Next we worked on our kata.  Sensei almost always has us start out with Heian Shodan to get us warmed up and I think to help get our minds on the task at hand.  We normally do one kata at half speed and another at full speed and full power.  I always try to pay special attention to me feet and hand movements when I do the lower belt katas.  With Heian Shodan, I pay special attention to turning on my heel and keeping my heels from popping up before I move.  We then moved on to our own kata and I was still having some issues with my ribs.  They are better then they were but doing the front snap kick with the three punches was painful.

After that, Sensei had those that we testing go out for some one-step sparring and then we lined up and class ended.

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