Thursday Karate class – 11/1/07 – More Tekki Shodan but different and kihon.

Class started with the normal warm up and then we moved in to our kihon.

We did front snap kick with front punch. Sensei Cieplik made a point that everyone needs to kick and punch to the same spot or at least in the same line when doing that movement. Moving off center is not the right way to do it. We were able to use the tiles on the floor as a guide. I didn’t seem to have too much trouble or I should say it felt right to me.

Next we worked on front leg front kick followed up with step forward rear leg front snap kick. We always start this move with a simple toe tap with the front leg but Sensei we impressed with how everyone was doing the front leg toe tap and incresed the difficulty and had us do a front snap with the same form as the toe tap. When doing this move, it is important to keep from leaning back when kicking with the front leg. The idea is push forward from the back leg while doing the front leg kick. If this is done the right way, there is no leaning back and the kick is much more powerful.

Next came moving forward and backward with back stance, knife hand block and nukite. This move doesn’t feel as hard as it used to be but the kick is still painful and more so on the left side for some reason.

We also did front snap kick, roundhouse kick to the front and then come down into front stance and do a reverse punch. This move is a bit awkward to me because of my hips but I am sure with some time and practice it will become second nature. Or I hope it will.

Sensei then sent all of us 4th Kyu’s to the side with Sensei Noia to work on Tekki Shodan. Sensei Noia always picks a part of the kata and has us work on it until we get it right. Today we worked on the movement where you look one way, block with your leg then block with your arm, look the other way and repeat. We must have done that move more than fifty times and most of it while standing in the horse stance. Key parts for me to work on is turning from the waist when doing those moves, keeping my stance low and my butt tucked under.

Needless to say, getting out of the car again was really hard and just sitting here typing this is painful but I know that sooner or later, I will have a better horse stance and a better Tekki Shodan.

After class, I asked Sensei about my horse stances and he gave me some advice on a movement to do to help me improve them. He suggested that I get into a horse stance where I still have mobility and then turn my heels in and squat down as far as I can. You turn on the balls of the feet while bringing the heels inward toward center. Not an easy move by any means but I am going to try it.

He also suggested a front stance movement similar to above but it is done by bringing the front knee down as far as possible, bringing the back knee to the floor behind and then pulling the back leg forward and making it front leg. That is extremely hard for me to do and if I can ever do it well, I will post a video here to show all of you since I am not sure if my definition above is understandable.

Great class but painful.

Before class:

15 – Tekki Shodan

One each of Heian Shodan, Heian Nidan, Heian Sandan, Heian Yondan and Heian Godan.

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