Sunday – 11/4/07 Karate Kick-A-Thon against Cancer – 1000 kicks and punches for a good cause.

Today was our annual Kick-A-Thon against Cancer.

Every year, our club arranages a day where groups of Karate students come out and do a total of 1000 kicks and pucnhes to help people in our club and charities for cancer research and treatment.  This fund raiser brings in a good amount of money and really helps those in need.

We went to the first session of 12 or 16 total across multiple locations.  Sensei Noia lead the event at our location and did all of the moves with us.  There were around 40 people and everyone had a good time.  The time limit to do all 1000 moves is one hour but we ended up finishing almost 15 minutes early.  The group was really on today and everyone was pushing themselves to the limit.

I think this is my fourth Kick-A-Thon since I have been taking Karate and this one felt easier than all the others.  I was sweating but I didn’t feel tired out and I think I could have done another 500 moves or more.  I didn’t have any problems breathing and I didn’t notice and pains in my legs or my body in general even though I was really pushing myself.  I am glad to see that all of the classes and other training I am doing is really working.

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