Saturday Karate class – 11/3/07 – Rank exam preparation with Kihon, Kata and one-step.

Good class again!

I really enjoy the classes that we do before before our rank examinations. I like the other classes too but I really enjoy kihon and kata and I have been getting a lot of enjoyment lately.

We started in a horse stance, doing some basics to get warm up well. Some punches, blocks and kicks really get the blood flowing and the dojo was cold so that extra warm up was really needed.

We then moved right into kata. Mr. Noia had us do our kata up to the first kiai. Doing Tekki Shodan makes that easy since the first kiai is the first half of the kata. We did that at least five times and then Mr. Noia had us do the second half at least five times too. We then did our entire with full speed and power to finish up with kata.

Next came kihon. We did our normal blocks, kicks and punches moving back and forth across the dojo.

One thing that I have to note; Sensei Gatch made a comment when I was doing my kihon about leaning my shoulders and upper body back when I am in a front stance. It makes it look as if I am sitting on my back leg which makes my stance look better and lower.

Next we did one-step sparring without a partner. We went through all the attacks and blocks with counters. My one-step feels so much better than before. I am not sure if my hips are what is making the difference but I can shift so much farther than before.

After that, Sensei Noia took the kids off to the side for a conditioning game and the adults went to the side to do more kata and stretch. Mr. Gatch came over by us and my wife asked him a couple questions about Jion. I know that we don’t have to know it yet but that is one kata that I really like. Mr. Gatch took us through the whole kata and gave us some pointers.

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