Friday Karate class – 11/2/07 – Kata class.

Class was good!

Sensei Noia asked who wanted to spar or do kata. I picked kata since my test isn’t too far away. Sensei Gatch took all the kata people to one side of the room and we started with some kihon to get warmed up.

My kihon feels much better than before. It just feels right for some reason. My hips seem to be working much better and my movements feel more fluid. We did downward block, inward block, rising block and outward block with reverse punch. We then did some backstance, knife hand block, front snap kick with nukite moves. Doing the front kick in that movement is still hard for me. Kicking to the front while having my back foot turned really stresses my knee. I need to find a better position when I do that move.

Next we moved into kata. Lots of kata. Since the group was made up of 5th, 4th, 2nd and 1st kyu, we started Heian Godan. Mr. Gatch took us through each and every move, correcting everyone along the way. Now that I don’t have to do Heian Godan as my main kata, I like it much more now and can do it without the pressure of having to do it at my exam even though it might come back on one of my exams in the future. Being able to move my hips has made a huge difference in that kata for me.

We then moved into Tekki Shodan. Being that I have done this kata so many times now, I am afraid that I have ingrained some mistakes that I need to correct. Mr. Gatch made a comment about all three of us that were doing the kata. We all do the moves but we have very little power behind them. I have always been able to power my way through my kata from Heian Shodan all the way up to Heian Godan but I feel weak when I do Tekki Shodan. The first kiai move and the last move in the kata feels strong but all the moves in between feel weak since I can’t put my hips behind them. Mr. Gatch suggested that I work on the twisting block parts since I put almost nothing behind them when doing those moves.

After that, we worked on Bassai Dai. This is one kata that I don’t have a knack for yet. It feels very awkward to me, maybe just because I don’t know it. Doing Jion feels right at home but this kata has some motions that I don’t feel comfortable with. It seems to be a fluid kata that I can’t just muscle my way through like the others. I am sure it will come to me when the time comes.

We finished up class after and there was one great point that Sensei Gatch gave me that I don’t want to forget. When I am doing Tekki Shodan he said to put my head back just a couple of inches. This seems to force me straighten my back and it keeps me from leaning forward. This made a difference in my stances or at least the appearance and I am going to practice doing this going forward.

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