Tuesday Karate class – 10/2/07 – More Tekki Shodan.

We did our warm up and then Sensei Noia broke us up into groups.

We went with Sensei Gatch to work on Tekki Shodan.  We spent almost the entire class in a horse stance.  We went through each move and sometimes groups of moves as Sensei saw mistakes.  We spent a lot of time on details like the height we should hold our hands at when we do the moves.

It seems that I am in a pattern as of late.  I feel that I have better mobility in hips since I have been seeing the chiropractor but I am having a hard time tucking my butt under and keeping it there.  I am also noticing some new pains on the outside, middle area of my calves.  I am not sure if it’s because I am trying to squeeze the floor more than before or because I am forcing my knees out.

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