Sunday Karate tournament and workout – 10/14/07 – I coulda done better

Today was the American Shotokan Karate Tournament held by our club at one of the local colleges. I have entered this tournament for the last three years along with my wife an son.

First the good news. My son took third place in kata and kihon. He looked really good and one kihon match in particular, the judges selected roundhouse for the move and he looked incredible. His kicks were way up there and his moves were very strong and solid.

My wife and didn’t do as well this time. We both didn’t place and I was really frustrated with my own performance this time. I thought my wife looked really good and had some excellent hip rotation. I, on the hand, thought that I was down low in my stances but I guess I wasn’t. I did Tekki Shodan as my first kata and lost quickly and then Heian Godan as my second kata with the same result.

Since I didn’t do so well, I came home tonight and had a good workout.

I did the following workout:

16 – Tekki Shodan

After every second kata, I did a core and or hip exercise.

3 x 15 – weighted side bends with 20 pound dumbbells.
2 x 12 – Glute bridge (3 second hold for each rep)
2 x 12 – lying side leg raises (3 second hold for each rep)
2 x 15 – lying leg raises
2 x 12 – Clam shells (3 second hold for each rep)

My kata felt much better at home than it did at the tournament. I did have a good sweat going at home and was much more focused.

At least I have more experience.

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