Friday Karate class – 10/26/07 – Sparring drills.

Hard class!

We did a lot of sparring drills.  We spent almost the entire class working on go-no-sen.  Go-n0-sen, as we practiced in class, was where our parnter would shift in and attack, we would shift back so that they could not finish their attack or miss and then as they moved back out, we would counter attack before they got away.  The drills we worked on were to help us learn to watch our partners timing.  Sensei Noia said that go-no-sen should be done from a stationary position instead of the normal shifting back and forth timing that we often use when sparring.

I feel that my sparring is starting to improve slightly.  I am by no means a good kumite fighter but I do feel much better than I used to and am learning to read my opponents better then I could before.

The only part that I dislike about sparring is that it is very hard on my feet.  My hurt so much during the drills and they do not seem to be any less painful than before.  My flat feet could certainly be a big part of the problem though.

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