Thursday Karate class – 9/27/07 – A lot of information in a short time.

We went through a lot of things in this class.

We started with the normal warm up of kicks and then got in to it.

Sensei had us work on front snap kicks but with extra attention to putting the rear leg down. He had us put the rear leg down fast and hard, without slamming the floor, and then lock it out so that it was in the guarded position. This made the move a little slower for me but I felt much better grounded after each kick.

We then worked on a litte different movement. We did a reverse punch, then brought our front leg up almost like a front snap kick but used it as a block and then came back down and threw another reverse punch. I was a little confused at first but I seemed to have picked it up after a few tries.

We then partnered up and worked on some kicking and punching drills. We started out with our partner doing moving forward doing a jodan oi zuki and we would immediately move forward and do a chudan mai geri. This stopped our partner from finishing the front punch. After about 10 each side we moved on to our partner moving forward doing a oi zuki again but we would block with one hand and counter with the other hand to the ribs. In more detail, our partner started with left foot forward, stepping in to right foot forward and throwing the oi zuki, then we would block with the right hand and counter with the left all at the same moment like we did with the kicks. The idea was to move our partner off balance with the block and strike the ribs with the punch. Both of these moves were all about timing more than anything else.

We finished up class with kata. We did Heian Sandan a few times, Heian Godan and then we moved in to Tekki Shodan. Sensei said that my kata had a lot of power and form was good but I need more mind extension. My moves are ending at the ends of my fists instead of projecting out past them.

Sensei Cieplik make a very good point about kata that is something that I will not forget. One of his Sensei’s told him that if someone was sincere and took the time to teach you a kata, it is your duty to practice and at least remember how to do it. The reason he mentioned this is someone in class, either a 4th or 5th kyu had a hard time remembering Heian Sandan, a lower rank kata. He also mentioned that at the Shodan examination it is not unusual for the examiners to ask those testing to do a lower rank kata. Just because we passed the test and did the kata in the past doesn’t mean that it may not be required in the future. I only forgot a couple of moves from my lower rank kata’s one time and I made sure from that time forward that I practice them at least once a week to keep them fresh in my mind.

Next week, Sensei said that he is going to split us up and give us some intensive training on Tekki Shodan.

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