Friday Karate class – 9/28/07 – Kata, kata and some more kata.

We started class with a quick warm up.  The gym was really cold for some reason and I was having a very hard time getting any sweat going even though I was really moving around.

Sensei Noia split us up in to groups.  He took the brown and black belts and Sensei Gatch took the rest of the belts which consisted of mostly 4th and 5th kyu along with one 7th kyu.

We went through our kata and Sensei watched our moves and also told about some of the bunkai for certain moves in each kata.  One question that he asked of me was “what are three applications of the fist move in Heian Shodan?”  My response was, a block, a throw and a strike, which was correct.  He then went through a few more applied to Heian Godoan, Heian Yondan and Heian Nidan.

After that, we finished up with two slow motion kata’s.  He wanted us to take at least two minutes to do our kata.  The first time, I did Tekki Shodan it took me about a minute and a half but the second time, it took me closer to three minutes.  Everyone else around me was screaming because I took so long to do it but that is exactly what Sensei was looking for.  Walking to line up after that was no easy task but I made it.

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