8/17/07 – Friday Karate classes.

The first class was similar to last nights class with a lot of pad drills but no kicks. We did a lot of punches from horse stances and front stances. We also did a lot of blocks and I was able to test flexing my lat when doing the outward blocks. It did seem to help but I think I need a lot more time working on it to make it as strong as my inward block.

We finished up with some kata, Heian Shodan. We did it to Sensei’s count first, trying to do the moves the same way we did when we were working with the pads. Then we did it at our own speed and full power.

One thing that Sensei Gatch noticed is that I was pausing to take a deep breath before each move and it was slowing me down tremendously. Before each move, I would inhale deeply instead of just going and then exhaling at the end of each move. When I did Heian Shodan while focusing on breathing the right way, I was faster then ever before. It has taken over three years for one of my Sensei’s to notice that I was doing this and help me fix it. I never would have guessed that I was doing something so simple that has been hindering my Karate for so long. The key thing for me is relearning all move kata moves while breathing properly going forward.

The second class was mostly sparring drills. We did a lot of simple drills but one that took some time to get used to was as follows. From a front stance, we shifted out with an inward block and then threw a reverse punch and then we angled out to the corner and did the same thing but after each move we angled out again until we went in a complete circle completing nine moves. Then we switched to the other hand.

We did an anchor man drill and the object was to stand in front of the line and shift out without blocking and then back in and counter. I was having the worst time not blocking. It is just natural for me to want to block an attack but the object was to shift far enough away so that I didn’t have to block and then shift back in to counter.

Both classes were really good but it really tells me how much work I need to improve.

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2 Responses to “8/17/07 – Friday Karate classes.”
  1. Rob Andrews says:

    When I did Heian Shodan while focusing on breathing the right way, I was faster then ever before.
    Sensei Cieplek mentioned breathing IN on blocks, and out on strikes while doing kata. I’ve been experimenting with that, and boy, will THAT mess your brain right up. ğŸ˜Ž

    He claims it’s in Dynamic Karate, but I don’t have a page reference handy. I found it in Dr. Schmeisser’s “Advanced Karate-Do” H1 then has only 10 breaths (In / out as 1 breath) Some moves have multiple out breaths.

    Something to play with.

  2. doug says:

    Hi Rob,

    I remember that class. I tried to do that a couple times after that class
    and it made me start inhaling on my strikes too.

    I did notice that inhaling less does make the kata much harder. After doing just H1, I feel wiped out and have to rest to catch my breath before I move on to the next. I was also taking to Sensei Gatch today and he made the comment that I should be breathing the same way when I do the basics at my exam. The only problem that he and I came up with is, I don’t think I have enough endurance to do the entire test inhaling so little air. Since my exam is still some time away, I am going to try to up my endurance.

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