7/10/07 – Tuesday Karate class and weight workout.

Good class.

We spent much of the time working on basics. Our Sensei felt that our punches were not well focused so we spent the entire class working on good focus.

We had our parnter hold our thier finger and we had to punch at it. The idea was to punch without hitting it but also have our partner make sure that we were accurate. The next drill had our partner hold their hands in a circle and we had to punch and not hit their hands on the way in or out or we would have to do pushups. There was a possible 300 pushups tied to 50 punches and out of all the punches, I only had to do nine pushups. Luckily, my punches are pretty accurate from all of the one step sparring drills that I did in the past.

We then finished up with pushup torture. Our Sensei had us do 5 sets of 10 pushups. The first was hands close together in a triangle, next was arms wide apart, next was hand at our sides, and then we 10 each side of one arm up high and the other low. I did a lot of tricep work that day at the gym so the pushups were a little rough. We also some dynamic lunges and a little ab work to round things out.

Weight workout: More to come….

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