7/17/07 – Tuesday Karate class.

Excellent class.

I was there early to stretch again but for some reason my mind was cloudy. It was hard to get my mind in to class but after a while, it started working again.

We started with kihon. We moved into a horse stance and did front punches, double front punches, rising block, downward blocks, inward blocks and outward blocks. Holding that stance is always a challenge and often painful. We then started doing some different combinations. We stood in a horse stance, moved the left leg forward into a front stance with a downward block and then draw back into a horse stance. We also did something similar where we were in the horse stance, move into a front stance with reverse punch and then back into the horse stance.

We then worked on some back stance work. Moving backward into a back stance we did a knife hand block and then moved forward into a back stance with a knife hand block. The moves weren’t terribly hard but the mental part of moving the correct hand for the block was slowing me down.

After that, we split up for kata. The second, first Kyu and black belts went on one side and the rest below went to the other side. We spent the rest of class working on Jion. That is a very cool kata as far as I am concerned. It just feels right to me for some reason and almost as if it was made for me. The motions and the power really make it feel stronger than the other kata I have done. I do have to do some work on getting my hips to move better but overall it felt good.

I know that I had good workout because I really feel it in my hips but that’s ok with me.

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