7/12/07 – Thursday Karate and weight workout.

Excellent class.

We did a lot of drills including a couple of new ones. Interesting move; step forward downward block, switch feet, downward block with reverse punch. It wasn’t very hard to do physically but mentally it was extremely hard. Another new move was front leg front snap kick, rear leg front snap kick, put the leg back behind and reverse punch.

We worked on some turning drills. The idea was to pull the front leg into a cat stance and turn on the heel then push out the front foot. It’s another thing that sounds really easy in type but hard to execute. The idea is to squeeze the glutes and tighten the core. To explain a little more, use the glutes to pull the front leg back and then tighten the core to stabilize the stance. Sadly, I don’t recall ever doing that before and I am going to lot of repetitions to get that move down better.

One other move, that felt good, step half way into a front punch but throw a jab and then finish stepping and follow up with the front punch.

We finished up with a few Heian Shodan. Again, the idea was to turn on the heels and pay more attention to attacking with the legs instead of the arms.

Weight workout: More to come…

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