7/24/07 – Tuesday Karate class

Very hard class!

I spent a lot of time stretching before class and it seemed that my hips were very loose.

Our Sensei had us work on some serious conditioning. We spent most of the class in a horse stance.

We started in a horse stance and did 30 front punches and 60 double punches. Although that sounds simple, holding the horse stance was very painful. And this was just the beginning of the torture.

Next, we were back in a horse stance but then moved in to a left leg forward front stance with a reverse punch and then we drew back in to the horse stance and moved to a right leg front stance with reverse punch.

After doing those it was time for horse stance in to back stance with knife hand block. These moves were a little different, instead of doing one move with each leg forward and return back to the horse stance, we moved front left leg forward back stance then moved back in to right leg forward back stance and then drew back in to the horse stance. I lost count of how many of those we did but I am guessing it was somewhere around 15 for each side.

We then went back to the reverse punch moves that we started with but instead of going back to the horse stance after each one, we did the moves like we did with the back stance. We moved to left leg front reverse punch, then backward in to right leg forward reverse punch and then drew back in to the horse stance.

After all of that work, my legs were shot to the point that I had a hard time standing but there is more. We then stood with out left leg up and while holding our balance, kicked out 100 front snap kicks. After 60-70 my kicks could not have hurt a butterfly and my legs were screaming. We then switched to the right leg to even things out.

Finally, we did some kata. Sensei told us to do our kata very slowly and with perfect form. I did Tekki Shodan and could barely pick up my legs to do the moves. One interesting thing is that my horse stance felt really low. After doing all of the other stance work, my hips were very flexible. We then did one more kata, slowly like the last. For my final kata, I did Heian Shodan. I paid particular attention to keeping my heal down and using my hips for each move. With the exception of the last four moves in the back stance my kata felt really good.

Walking to the car after class was not easy but I knew that I got something out of this class and plan on incorporating some of these moves in to my training outside of class.

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