7/13/07 – Friday Karate classes.

Very hard classes again.

The first class was a lot of basics.  We did some different combinations.  One in particular was moving forward, reverse punch with a downward block.  The reason behind this was to get our hips working better since many of us are not twisting enough.  Moving from hips forward to hips sideway was very hard but at one point it must have done something because my hip made the loudest pop I have ever heard.  I was mentally tough to do the moves in that order too.

For some reason, my feet were very sore.  I had a pain like they were on fire but it went away after a five minutes or so.  I was focusing on gripping the floor with my toes and I think that might be part of my foot pain.

We finished with some kata but with a twist.  We did Heian Shodan the normal way and then backwards or reverse order.  We did it with our Sensei first and then on our own.  I ended up facing the wrong direction in the end.  We then did all of the Heian kata and then ended with Tekki Shodan since 4th Kyu was the highest rank in the class.

In the second class, we worked on some more basics and one-step.  The basics were similar to those that we did in the first class but we added some kicks.  The kicks got progressively harder.  We started with some front kicks and then progressed to front kick, side thrust and rear kick.  We then had to do six kicks with each leg and by the time we were done with those, I could hardly stand without loosing my balance.

We spent the rest of the class working on one-step but not the normal one-step.  We were able to bunkai from our kata.  For example, we did a back fist grab with a side snap kick from Heian Nidan.  We started using knife hand blocks from Heian Shodan but I was having a hard time doing them even though my Sensei must have showed me four times.  It was very hard to grasp.

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