Wednesday Karate and weight workout.

Good weight workout tonight but it was very hard.

Jogging – 5 minutes
Wide grip front pulldown –  60 x 32 (1 minute)
Bench press – 95 x 36 (1 minute)
Lunge – bodyweight x 24 each leg (2 minutes)
Low row – 60 x 36 (1 minute)
DB press – 15 x 33 each (1 minute)
DB curl – 15 x 25 each (1 minute)
DB Tricep Extension – 30 x 33 (1 minute)
Stiff leg DB deadlift – 20 x 20 each (1 minute)
DB shrug – 30 x 40 each (1 minute)
Leg press toe raise – 270 x 32 (1 minute)
DB side bend – 15 x 27 each – (1 minute)
Crunch – 46 (1 minute) – very bad abdominal cramps after this set!
Jogging – 3 minutes

This workout is very taxing.  There were a few sets where my hearing got muffled and I felt a little light headed.  The rest moving for movement to movement is so short that it makes catching my breath very hard.  I am almost certain that this type of workout routine is more than enough to help my loose the 20 pounds of fat in three months that I have for a goal.

Karate workout:

Side leg raises – 2×15
Slow side thrust kicks – 15

Slow motion Heian Shodan.  I held my stance for a three count for each of the 21 moves of the kata.  I could really feel the stretch in legs and hips when holding those stances.

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