Tuesday Karate class and workout.


I did the kicking warm up consisting of front snap kicks, then front snap kicks and back kicks and then front snap kicks, side thrust kicks and back kicks. My balance was a little off for some reason but maybe it was from stretching so much last night.

I then did my stretching. I started with side splits and my son pushing my leg apart with his. Next I did some hamstring stretches and then I got on one side and had my son hold my leg up and then switched sides. After that, time bent over side splits for 45 seconds and seiza for 45 seconds.

I also did 2 x 15 each leg of slow side thrust kicks and 2 x 15 of side leg raises.


Good class tonight.

It started out with the rank test results and my good friend Robert is now a second Kyu and moved up a belt & a half this time and my other friend Ted is now a Shodan. I watched both them test and they looked incredible.

The class split up in to needs to test and done testing. I like being in the testing group because we spend a lot of time with basics while the people who are done testing work on sparring. The first half hour was work on driving off the back leg. Many things that our Sensei learned watching the tests is that not many people were driving off their back legs when doing a reverse punch. We would get in to a left leg blocking front stance, reach with our right hand and then drive off the back leg and throw a reverse punch. After a bunch of those, we pud a pad in front of our front leg and as we drove off the back, we had to knock the pad over and strike it with our leg.

We then finished up with kata. I did one kata and I just didn’t have it tonight. I tried by my power was really lacking for some reason and my balance just wasn’t there. The moves seemed to be technically sound but my normal kime was just not there.

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