Sunday 4th Kyu exam.

Today was my wifes and my 4th Kyu exam.

Even though there were not a lot of basics, it was a hard test and I was out of breath pretty fast. I put every bit of effort in to my basics and really pushed my limits.

I think I nailed the jump in Heian Godan and it felt pretty good overall.

My one-step sparring felt excellent. On one of my counter moves, my partner had the look of fear on his face that I cannot describe in text. His eyes were bulging out and he looked very nervous when I put my just few millimeters from his face.

Overall, I wish I had more endurance and I am going to gear my next six months of training more on perfecting all my basics and getting my endurance up. The 3rd Kyu test has many more moves and if I hope to make it through it, I am going to have to build up a lot more endurance.

My wife looked out of this world.  Her basics were almost textbook prefect and her kata was excellent.

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