Saturday Karate class.

Good class.

We spent most of the time sparring.  We did a lot of drills where we do a movement in front of one person and then switch to the right and move to a new person.  We did drills where we do a jab to the face, a reverse punch to the stomach, a reverse pucnch to the head and a backfist to the head.  We also did similar kicking drills where we would do a front leg snap kick to the stomach, a back leg front snap kick, a back leg roundhouse and a front leg roundhouse.  It was torture but a good torture.

After class my Sensei spent some time with me to help me prepare for my next exam.  He noticed that my stances started out very low but got higher as the exam progressed.  He suggested that I do Heian Shodan and hold each stance, in a extended low position for a three count.  I am hoping this will help prepare me for my third Kyu test which is going to be my toughest yet.  Luckily I still have five or six months to prepare now.

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