Saturday Karate class.

Good class again.

I went to class early to warm up and get in some good stretching.

Side leg raises – 3×15
Slow side thrust kicks – 15

I did bent over splits, butterflys and some other stretches and I also ended up doing a bunch of baiscs. I was already soaked with sweat and tired before class even began.

Our Sensei sent us with one of the assistant instructors to help us prepare for our exam tomorrow. Even though our Sensei said to take it easy, it was brutal. We did all of the required moves for our test but with no breaks between moves and all moving forward. For example, at our exam, we would normally do five triple front punches moving forward and five backward but today we did 10 moving forward and then turned and did 10 of say, rising block with reverse punch and so on. I was breathing like on old dog but I made it through it and am pretty sure that I will have enough gas for my exam tomorrow.

Next we did kata and one step sparring.

After that, we were able to take the final 20 minutes of class to stretch. I did some Tekki Shodan and then also did the first four Heian katas incase I am asked to do a lower or higher belt kata at my exam.

It was rough but good.

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