Monday weight workout.

I am trying to get into better shape and loose some weight so I started a new workout routine tonight.  It is based on circuit training workout that I found on the internet by Stew Smith at

I felt like I was dragged behind a truck after I finished the workout and it was only about 20 minutes long.  I have done different circuit workouts in the past but this one very taxing and tiring on both the mind and body.  It is fairly simple.  You do an exercise for a specified amount of time instead of a number of repetitions.  For example: You would do wide grip pulldowns with a moderate to light weight for as many repetitions as possible for one minute.

Jogging – 5 minutes
Wide grip front pulldown –  50 x 35 (1 minute)
Bench press – 95 x 35 (1 minute)
Lunge – bodyweight x 22 each leg (2 minutes)
Low row – 50 x 34 (1 minute)
DB press – 15 x 32 each (1 minute)
DB curl – 15 x 22 each (1 minute)
DB Tricep Extension – 25 x 37 (1 minute)
Stiff leg DB deadlift – 20 x 19 each (1 minute)
DB shrug – 20 x 42 each (1 minute)
Leg press toe raise – 180 x 33 (1 minute)
DB side bend – 15 x 25 each – (1 minute)
Crunch – 45 (1 minute)
Jogging – 3 minutes

If I ever find this workout easy, I can do one or two more circuits but I think it will be a little time before I do that.

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