Friday Karate workout and class.


Side leg raises – 2×15
Slow side thrust kick – 1×15

Friday class:

Great class.  We spent the entire time working on exam preparation.

We started with basics.  Many of the normal moves like downward block with reverse punch.  After going through some of the normal moves, our Sensei mixed things up a bit.  We were doing moves such as inward block, downward block and reverse punch.  We then did reverse punch, double front snap kick and then reverse punch both forward and backward.  We then did reverse punch, front snap kick, side thrust kick to the front and reverse punch.  The moves themselves weren’t very hard but the mental part of doing the moves in the right order was tough.

We then spent the rest of the time doing kata.  Our Sensei had each of us do individual kata so he could watch us very closely.  My kata wasn’t gold medal winning but it wasn’t too bad either.

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