Friday Karate class.

Killer class tonight.

I was still very sore from last nights class.  I woke up in pain at least 10 times last night.  Everttime I would move, either my knees or hips would wake me up.  I took one of my friends, Mr. Aleve and hope that tonight will be better than last.

We spent most of the class working on sparring.  We did a lot of drills and many kicks.  I was able to throw good roundhouse kicks for the first time.  My kick height was always above belt level and I am really starting to snap my kicks back well now.  I did have some calf cramps but nothing that stopped my drills.  The most interesting part of the drills is that we did almost all of them from horsestances.   My hips are fried right now but I am sure that all the work should make me better.

We finished up class with kata.  Our Sensei had us do the first one very slow, I did Tekki Shodan.  The second kata was full speed and I did Tekki Shodan again and the third and final kata was full speed and power so I did Heian Shodan just because I like it.

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