Sunday tournament.

Today was our state tournament.

I did not do well at all and am pretty disappointed in myself. I trained like a man possessed for almost six months now and I didn’t even place. I am going to have to re-evaluate my training and maybe spend more time intensely working on flexibility and cut back on everything else. All the strength that I have does not seem to be worth much and I still feel that I am not balanced and tight. We had to wait for an hour before going to the ring and I just couldn’t keep my body warm or loose enough to do well. I am pretty sure that I am not going to compete, unless I just do Kihon, until it’s time for me to do Jion. I just don’t seem to have the body for Heian Godan and from what I was told, Jion should be a good kata for me because of my size. I have done Jion a few times in class already and it does feel right to me.

On a very positive note, my wife and son did very well today!

My son took first place medals in both Kata and Kihon. He entered the Kumite but did not place. His first and only match was against one of his best friends and he held back on every punch and fought like his heart was just not in it. He didn’t want to take any chance on hurting his friend. He also told me that he was not going to do Kumite until he gets his Shodan and is going to concentrate on Kata and Kihon which is what I have wanted him to do for a long time now. His fighting skills are just not the same level as his Kata and basics and I am proud of his choice and even more proud that he is now a state champion.

My wife also did very well. She took second in Kata and third in Kihon. Sadly, I did not get to see her compete because I was standing in the staging area for an hour waiting to get called out to the ring. I am also very proud of her.

It is nice to have at least two people in the house get rewarded for their skill and hard work.

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