Saturday Karate class.

Excellent class!

Because we have not tested, our Sensei broke us up into groups. The only people in that class who have not tested is my wife and I so we effectively got a private lesson from one of our Sensei’s.

I asked if we could work on some basics and he obliged. He had us do inward block, elbow strike, backfist both forward and backward. He gave me some good pointers such as reaching more when moving in to the horse stance doing the elbow strike. Also, he told me shift from the front stance into the horse stance which really makes the move much more effective. Also, when moving backward, my stance we way too narrow but once he told me, I was able to really widen it up just by moving my back foot out on an angle instead of just backward like I was doing.

We then worked on some double front snap kicks. I got an “impressive” from my Sensei because my kicks were higher than ever before. He tried to help me with my roundhouse kick but for some reason, I stop after each kick when doing double roundhouse. I cannot collect my balance fast enough to keep the moves fluid like they should be. I need to do some more work on those. He also noticed that my side thrust kicks are weak when over belt level so he had me kick him low while he held the pad. Needless to say, my kicks easily knocked him over when low but once they went higher they are weak until after the forth or fifth kick. It seems to take my hips at least 4 or 5 kicks before the power comes in up high so he wants me to figure out a way to warm up my hips the same way on my test day so that I can put some authority behind them.

We finished up with some kata work. He helped me get my stance wider when moving from the double block into the groin strike. Just moving my leg and pivoting seems to have fixed my issue of my stance being too narrow.

I am kinda sad that I test in three weeks because I really like the personal instruction that we are getting now. 😉

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