Saturday Karate class.

Good class today.

We spent a lot time working on our basics.  Lots of moves and many of them specific to our up coming examination.  We started with a horsestance and did our normal front punch, double front punch, triple punch, downward block and rising block.  Then, while still in the horsestance, we did double rising block and double downward block.  Then more horsestance but double front punch, then pivot to one corner and reverse punch and then repeat in the other direction.  Then the same movement but we added a rear leg front snap kick when facing the corners and finally we finished up with the same move but instead of the front snap kick, we did rear leg roundhouse.  The rear leg roundhouse was hard for me.

Then we did what seemed like endless back stance work moving both forward and backward.  Moving forward and backward knife hand blocks.  The we worked on half movements to help improve the speed and form.  Then we did back stance, knife hand block and nukite.  Those felt really good today.  My draw hand was tight and my gi was snapping really loud for some reason.  My kime felt better in that move than ever and overall my moves were stronger and faster than before.

Then came kata.  That was excellent.  We started with Heian Shodan and worked all the way to Heien Godan.  I moved faster then ever but still felt me kime was near the top.  I need to watch out when I am tired though, since I noticed that my Heian Nidan was going a little too fast when I did the reverse outward block, front snap kick and reverse punch.

When I did Heian Godan, my Sensei sad I need to bring my knees up higher in the jump but everything else looked good.

It was very tough class but good.

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