Heian Godan secrets from Thursday class.

When doing the cresent kick, turn my left foot forward before doing the kick. Swipe my foot off my hand, hold the kic, then come down, reach out with my right leg in to the horse stance and push my knees forward while doing the head smash.

When doing the cross leg double block push the hips to the right at the same time when I do the block.

When coming off the first kiai, bring the right hand over the head as if pointing a pencil at the ceiling and bring the and down to the side instead of doing a downward block.

The jump height should be knee level or higher.

When doing the downward x-block, push down and then when coming up in to the upward x-block, bring the hands in and push up hard. I bounced my hands off my chest when going in to the upward x-block and it seems to work t well for me since it gives me more force and power from my hips and legs.

When doing a side kick, look first and then kick!  This made a huge difference in my side kick.

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