Friday Karate class.

Great class on Friday.

We started with a lot of kicking drills.   My kicks are starting to get better and finally higher.  We did some different moves.  One interesting combination was shuffle up, jab, front leg front snap kick and then rear leg front snap kick.  We did a few more drills like those and then did some roundhouse kicks in place of the front snap kicks.  Then into a horse stance, shuffle up and side thrust kick.  Then the same thing but spin around and side thrust kick with the opposite leg.  It was hard for me to get coordinated with that move.

Then we split up and worked on some more kicking drills.  My balance was awful for some reason.  We did front snap kick, side thrust kick, back kick, roundhouse and front snap kick.  Five moves without touching the ground.  I could do the first front snap kick well but then it seemed that all my balance was gone.

Next we worked on kata.  I did a really strong kata and really nailed the jump but I hurt my left foot.  I came down too hard and think I might have a slight break or a little fracture.  The pad of the ball of my foot is very swollen but I am sure I will live.  I have to spend more time working on getting my hips around for the groin strike and also my back stances.

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